Don’t Miss: Anil Kapoor Reacts to Cricketer Jos Buttler Recreating Iconic Nayak Scene

Nayak: The Real Hero continues to stand out as one of the most beloved movies in Anil Kapoor’s illustrious filmography. Among its memorable moments, one scene, where Paresh Rawal’s character Bansal Shroff persuades Anil Kapoor’s character Shivaji to step into politics, has become iconic. Now, in a hilarious turn of events, English cricketer Jos Buttler, known for his role in the Rajasthan Royals franchise in the Indian Premier League (IPL), has recreated this famous sequence.

A humorous video featuring Buttler recently went viral on the internet. In the clip, someone is seen hyping up Buttler, expressing the crowd’s anticipation for record-breaking performances from the opener and further glory for the team this season. The clip draws inspiration from Nayak, where Paresh Rawal delivers similar lines to Anil Kapoor, urging him to enter politics. The video cleverly incorporates the film’s background music, adding to its charm.

In response to the video, Anil Kapoor took to Twitter and expressed his delight, saying, “Jos Buttler recreating the iconic Nayak scene!! This is 🔥.” For those unaware, Buttler displayed an exceptional performance in the IPL 2024 match the previous night, scoring a century in just 58 balls. His remarkable innings played a pivotal role in securing victory for his team, Rajasthan Royals, against the Royal Challengers Bangalore.

The humorous yet heartwarming exchange between cricket and cinema highlights the universal appeal of iconic moments in popular culture. Buttler’s playful nod to Nayak resonates not only with fans of the film but also with cricket enthusiasts worldwide, showcasing the power of entertainment to transcend boundaries and bring people together in laughter and joy.

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