Watch: Ric Flair Recreates Rohit Sharma’s Iconic Moment

“After India’s thrilling seven-run victory over South Africa in the T20 World Cup 2024 final at Kensington Oval, Barbados, a video of Rohit Sharma quickly became a sensation. The clip captured Sharma’s walk to receive the trophy from BCCI Secretary Jay Shah, drawing comparisons to Lionel Messi’s iconic celebration after Argentina’s 2022 FIFA World Cup triumph.

Ric Flair Recreates Rohit Sharma’s Iconic Moment on His Instagram

In the viral footage, Kuldeep Yadav likened Sharma’s stride to Messi’s during the medal presentation, highlighting the parallels that fans noted on social media. However, WWE legend Ric Flair offered a unique perspective. Taking to Twitter, the WWE Hall of Famer tweeted, “.@ImRo45 Taking A Page Out Of My Playbook! WOOOOO!”

Flair’s tweet accompanied a video where he recreated Sharma’s celebratory walk, demonstrating what he termed as the ‘Ric Flair strut.’ In the video, Flair exuberantly performed his signature move, captioning the post with, “The Worldwide Sensation! WOOOOO!”

Flair’s playful nod to Sharma’s celebration added a cross-sport dimension to the viral moment, further igniting excitement among fans across different sporting communities.”

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