Former CSK Player Ashwin visits CSK Academy in Salem

Chennai Super Kings (CSK) have continued their commitment to grassroots cricket development by launching several academies across Tamil Nadu. One of these centers recently, located at Neelambal Subramaniam Higher Secondary School in Salem, received a special visit from India spinner Ravichandran Ashwin.

Ashwin, a former player for CSK and a prominent figure in Indian cricket, visited the academy during the TNPL 2024 tournament. His presence was not only a source of inspiration but also a valuable opportunity for the young cricketers to learn from his experiences.

Ashwin Shares The Photo on His Instagram

During his interaction with the students, Ashwin emphasized the growing talent pool from Tamil Nadu’s districts. He noted a significant increase in young players making it to the state’s Under-16 and U-19 squads from non-urban areas. According to Ashwin, this rise is attributed to improved infrastructure and supportive parents who recognize sports as a viable career path.

Reflecting on his cricketing journey, Ashwin highlighted the differences in facilities available today compared to when he started. “When I began my cricket coaching, we didn’t have the kind of facilities that you have now,” He shared, reminiscing about a time when opportunities were more limited.

He praised initiatives like the CSK Academy, which aims to democratize access to cricket coaching across different regions of Tamil Nadu. These efforts, he believes, play a crucial role in nurturing young talent and encouraging them to excel in sports.

The visit left a lasting impact on the students at the CSK Academy in Salem. Ashwin’s words of encouragement are expected to motivate many aspiring cricketers to pursue their dreams with renewed vigor and determination.

As CSK continues to expand its grassroots initiatives, such visits from cricketing icons like Ravichandran Ashwin are instrumental in inspiring the next generation of cricketers and fostering a culture of excellence in Tamil Nadu’s cricketing landscape.

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