Babar Azam’s Hilarious Take on Marriage in Banter with Mohammad Rizwan

Former Pakistan captain, Babar Azam, continues to be a cricket sensation and a social media favorite in Pakistan, boasting one of the largest fan followings. In a recent virtual space hosted on ‘X,’ Babar delved into an array of cricket-related queries, showcasing his cricketing prowess. However, what stole the spotlight was a humorous exchange with teammate Mohammad Rizwan, where personal questions took center stage.

Cricket Insights and Hilarious Banter

Despite the recent setback in the series against West Indies, where Pakistan, led by the newly appointed T20I captain Shaheen Shah Afridi, faced a 1-4 defeat, Babar and Rizwan kept the spirits high with their engaging banter. The duo, known for their on-field chemistry, presented a lighter side of their camaraderie, leading to a viral conversation on social media.

Rizwan’s Curious Question

The laughter-inducing moment occurred when Rizwan playfully asked, “Jaanab, aap ki shaadi kab hai? (Mr. when are you getting married?).” Babar, initially hesitant, responded with a touch of humor, “Mujhe pata tha aapne yehi sawaal karenge. (I knew you would ask me this question?)”

Babar’s Playful Evasion

Persistently pursuing his playful line of questioning, Rizwan insisted, “Now that I’ve asked, you must answer the question.” Responding in a light-hearted manner, Babar countered, “Rizwan, I’ll explain that to you privately.”

Injecting a touch of humor into the conversation, Babar quipped, “These days, when I wake up in the morning, I discover I’m married to someone. People begin congratulating me. And then, by evening, I’m married to someone else. Once more, people extend their congratulations. So, I’m already married. Perhaps, now you should divert your attention to someone else.”

Rizwan’s Wife Curiosity

In an unexpected turn, Rizwan disclosed, “The reality is that my wife is more curious about when I’ll tie the knot. She asks me about it every day.” This revelation infused a personal dimension into the conversation, offering fans a peek into Babar’s life beyond the cricket field.

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