BCCI Introduces Test Cricket Incentives for Indian Men Up to ₹45 Lakh per Match

In a bid to elevate financial prosperity and stability for esteemed athletes, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has unveiled the ‘Test Cricket Incentive Scheme’ for Senior Men. This initiative, announced by BCCI Secretary Jay Shah on March 9, aims to provide additional support and recognition to players committed to the rigorous format of Test cricket.

Jay Shah expressed contentment with the progress, affirming, “I am delighted to unveil the ‘Test Cricket Incentive Scheme’ for Senior Men, designed to foster financial prosperity and stability for our revered athletes.” This proactive endeavor underscores BCCI’s dedication to cultivating talent and acknowledging commitment within the sport.

Commencing from the 2022-23 season, the scheme will complement the existing match fee structure for Test matches, which stands at INR 15 lakhs. Under the ‘Test Cricket Incentive Scheme,’ players will receive extra incentives based on their participation levels throughout the season.

Players who feature in more than 50% of the Test matches in a season will receive an additional INR 30 lakhs per match, showcasing BCCI’s recognition of consistent performance and commitment to the longest format of the game.

Moreover, those players who contribute to over 75% of the Test matches in a season will be entitled to an extra INR 45 lakhs per match, further incentivizing sustained excellence and participation in Test cricket.

This progressive initiative reflects the BCCI’s forward-thinking approach to promoting and strengthening Test cricket, acknowledging its significance in the rich tapestry of the sport. By offering financial incentives, the board aims to motivate players, enhance their financial security, and foster a deeper appreciation for the traditional and strategic aspects of Test cricket.

The introduction of the ‘Test Cricket Incentive Scheme’ stands as a testament to the BCCI’s unwavering commitment to elevate the sport, empower players, and ensure a prosperous future for Indian cricket. It is a commendable step forward in nurturing talent, rewarding performance, and upholding the legacy of Test cricket in the country.

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