Ben Shelton Powers Through to First Grass Court Quarterfinal at Mallorca Championship

In a commanding display of skill and adaptability, Ben Shelton secured a decisive victory over Rinky Hijikata with a 6-4, 6-0 win at the Mallorca Championship. Shelton, known for his prowess on hard courts, faced limited exposure to grass court challenges in his burgeoning career, having played just eight matches on this surface before this tournament.

Grass courts present a unique learning curve for many players, demanding adjustments in technique and strategy. However, the surface also amplifies the strengths of those with powerful, aggressive playstyles—traits that Shelton showcased brilliantly today.

“Grass favors big weapons, and Ben has plenty of those,” remarked one spectator, highlighting Shelton’s ability to leverage his formidable arsenal of shots to dominate the match. His performance underscored not only his adaptability but also his growing confidence on grass courts.

With this victory, Shelton advances to his first grass-court quarterfinal, marking a significant milestone in his career. As he continues to navigate the challenges of this surface, all eyes will be on Shelton to see how far his talents can carry him in the Mallorca Championship and beyond.

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