Watch: Chahal’s Fun-filled Training Session with RR Coaching Staff

Chahal’s Fun-filled Training Session: Rajasthan Royals’ spinner Yuzvendra Chahal recently showcased his playful and mischievous side as he engaged in some lighthearted antics with the team’s fielding coach Dishant Yagnik and assistant coach Trevor Penney.

In a candid moment captured on video, Chahal was seen teasing Yagnik with a humorous remark, “Aankh dikhata hai?” as he playfully and humorously interacted with him. The camaraderie between the two was evident as they shared laughs during the exchange.

Not stopping there, Chahal continued his playful spree by amusingly chasing assistant coach Trevor Penney, adding a dose of fun to the team’s training session.

The video, shared by Rajasthan Royals on their social media platforms, garnered attention from fans who enjoyed seeing the lighter side of their favorite cricketers. The caption accompanying the video humorously reassured fans, stating, “No Yagi and TP were harmed in the making of this video.”

Chahal’s jovial interactions with the coaching staff provide a glimpse into the off-field dynamics within the team, highlighting the bond and camaraderie shared among the players and coaches of Rajasthan Royals.

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