Deaf Tennis Sensation Champ Prithvi Sekhar’s Wish: Meeting PM Modi

Prithvi Sekhar, a remarkable talent in the world of tennis, has captured the hearts of many as he defies the odds and excels on the international stage. Hailing from Chennai, India, Sekhar has not only made waves as a tennis star but has also showcased his prowess as an Accounts Clerk at the Integral Coach Factory.

Representing India at the prestigious Australian Open 2024, Sekhar made headlines by clinching a singles title in the Deaf and Hard of Hearing category, adding another feather to his illustrious cap. Despite facing challenges, Sekhar’s determination and skill shone through, earning him a well-deserved victory.

Not stopping there, Sekhar also demonstrated his remarkable talent in doubles, securing a commendable runner-up position. His stellar performance not only brings pride to the nation but also serves as an inspiration to aspiring athletes across the country.

This recent triumph at the Australian Open is not the first time Sekhar has brought glory to India. In the Deaf Olympics Tennis championship held at Caxias Do Sol, Brazil, in 2022, he showcased his exceptional skills by winning silver in Men’s doubles and bronze in Men’s singles & mixed doubles, further solidifying his status as a tennis sensation.

In a recent, Sekhar expressed his desire to meet Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Anuraj Thakur, the Minister of Youth Affairs and Sports, to convey the ‘information’ about his remarkable achievements. His aspirations to share his journey and achievements with the nation’s leaders reflect his humility and pride in representing India on the global stage.

Prithvi Sekhar’s remarkable journey from an Accounts Clerk to an Australian Open champion is a testament to his unwavering dedication, perseverance, and talent. As he continues to inspire millions with his achievements, he undoubtedly remains a beacon of hope and inspiration for the Indian sporting community.

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