Dhanashree’s Heartfelt Tribute to Yuzi: Celebrating 150 IPL Matches

Dhanashree’s Heartfelt Tribute to Yuzi: Rajasthan Royals’ star spinner Yuzvendra Chahal received a touching tribute from his wife, Dhanashree Verma, on his milestone 150th match in the Indian Premier League (IPL). Chahal achieved this significant feat during the clash against Gujarat Titans at the iconic Sawai Mansingh Stadium in Jaipur.

In a heartfelt video message shared by RR on their X (formerly Twitter) handle, Dhanashree expressed her immense pride and admiration for her husband, hailing herself as his ‘biggest cheerleader’.

“Hey Yuzi, congratulations on reaching your 150th IPL match today. I’ve mentioned this before, and I’ll say it again now – congratulations! We’re incredibly proud of you and your contributions over the years, both to your previous teams and now to Rajasthan Royals. I’m certain they’re equally proud of your performance and the impact you bring to the game. You consistently deliver under pressure, always making an impact when it matters most.”

Continuing, she added, “We all admire you for your ability to thrive under pressure, often being the bowler who makes the crucial breakthrough when it’s needed most. Yuzi, stay true to yourself, have faith in your abilities, and know that we’re always here to back you up. I’m your biggest fan and will support you wholeheartedly, every step of the way. So go out there, and savor today’s match – it’s your 150th, a significant milestone. Enjoy the moment, soak it in, and of course, Halla Bol!”

Dhanashree’s heartfelt words encapsulated the overwhelming support and encouragement Chahal receives from his loved ones as he continues to make his mark in the world of cricket.

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