Don’t Miss: Captain Stuns Fans as He Takes on Mark Wood’s Speed with Classic Shot

Indian cricket captain Rohit Sharma has earned the reputation of being the best puller in the world currently. The sight of a short-pitched delivery prompts Rohit to execute his trademark pull shot effortlessly often likened to wielding a double-edged sword. Especially in Test matches, opposition teams frequently deploy 2 to 3 fielders on the boundary line whenever Rohit faces a bouncer.

During the series against England, despite playing a century innings, Rohit found himself troubled by the bouncers. England’s Mark Wood, known not only for his pace but also as one of the fastest bowlers globally, posed a significant threat.

In the Dharamsala Test, Wood and England captain Ben Stokes devised a plan. They strategically placed three fielders on the leg-side boundary line for Rohit’s pull shots, aiming to trap him.

In the fourth over, Wood delivered a bouncer clocking at 151 km/h. Rohit, however, was prepared. He skillfully pulled the ball through the gap, sending it over the third man for a six. Stokes applauded the shot with a round of applause, but Rohit wasn’t done yet. He dispatched Wood’s next delivery to the off-side boundary for a four, further asserting his dominance.

Rohit Sharma’s ability to tackle fierce bouncers with ease and precision has solidified his status as one of the most formidable batsmen in contemporary cricket. His adeptness at the pull shot continues to leave opponents searching for effective strategies to contain him.

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