Don’t Miss: MI’s Batsmen’s Hilarious Friendship Banter Takes Internet by Storm

Mumbai Indians’ young batting talents Dewald Brevis and Tilak Varma are not just teammates but also the best of friends, as evidenced by their delightful camaraderie captured in a recent video shared by the franchise’s official social media handle.

The video opens with Brevis recording himself in his hotel room, expressing his enjoyment of being in Mumbai. Moments later, he hilariously repeats the same sentiment in Hindi, showcasing his budding linguistic skills. The clip culminates with Brevis donning a vest and shorts, joined by his inseparable friend Varma, engaging in a conversation in Marathi and cheerfully exclaiming, “Jai Maharashtra.”

The caption accompanying the post shared by Mumbai Indians reads, “3 saal mein ye toh hona hi tha [This was bound to happen in three years],” emphasizing the natural evolution of their friendship over their time together in the team.

Brevis and Varma’s heartwarming bond not only adds to the team’s unity but also reflects the diverse and inclusive spirit of Mumbai Indians, transcending linguistic and cultural barriers. As they continue to dazzle on the cricket field, their off-field camaraderie serves as a testament to the strong bonds forged within the team.

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