Watch: Ed Sheeran Performs ‘Bad Habits’ for Rohit Sharma’s Daughter Samaira

Ed Sheeran Performs ‘Bad Habits’ for Rohit Sharma’s Daughter: Pop sensation Ed Sheeran recently melted the hearts of fans worldwide with a heartwarming gesture on the latest episode of Gaurav Kapur’s talk show ‘Breakfast with Champions’. The Grammy-winning artist made a special appearance on the show, where he left an indelible mark by serenading Indian cricket team captain Rohit Sharma’s daughter, Samaira.

The episode was a delightful blend of cricket banter and musical magic as host Gaurav Kapur engaged in a lively conversation with Rohit Sharma and Ed Sheeran, exploring insights into both the cricketing world and the music industry. Rohit’s wife, Ritika Sajdeh, and their daughter Samaira also joined the conversation, adding to the warmth and charm of the moment.

In a heart-melting exchange, Gaurav revealed Samaira’s desire to hear Ed Sheeran sing, prompting a spontaneous offer from the pop icon himself. Without hesitation, Sheeran inquired if there was a guitar nearby, setting the stage for an unforgettable performance. With Rohit looking on with evident joy, Ed Sheeran proceeded to serenade Samaira with his chart-topping hit, ‘Bad Habits’.

The atmosphere was filled with palpable excitement and joy as Rohit Sharma applauded enthusiastically, clearly touched by the special moment shared between his daughter and the global music sensation. While Samaira may have initially appeared shy, her undeniable fangirl moment spoke volumes about the magic of the encounter.

The heartwarming episode not only showcased the camaraderie between cricket and music but also highlighted the universal language of love and admiration that transcends boundaries. Ed Sheeran’s gesture of kindness and spontaneity left an indelible mark on fans worldwide, further solidifying his status as a beloved global icon.

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