Watch: Fan Breaks Security to Hug Rohit During MI vs RR Match

MI vs RR: In an emotionally charged start to their season, the Mumbai Indians faced not just a challenging game against Rajasthan but also contended with the palpable discontent of their fans over the recent captaincy change. The legendary franchise, synonymous with Rohit Sharma’s leadership for over a decade, witnessed a surprising shift as Hardik Pandya took the helm before their latest campaign. This transition was met with unmistakable opposition from the stands, where the loyalty towards Rohit Sharma was displayed in no uncertain terms.

A poignant moment that underscored the fans’ adoration for Rohit occurred when a supporter breached the security barriers and dashed towards the opener, positioned at first slip. Rohit, initially startled, managed a reluctant hug before gently pushing the fan towards Ishan Kishan, the wicketkeeper, who also received a hug. This incident, while unsettling, brought a moment of levity as Rohit couldn’t help but smile at the fan’s enthusiasm, who was promptly escorted off the field by security.

Amidst this backdrop of fervent fan reactions, the Mumbai Indians are facing a challenging start to their season, having lost their first two matches. The game against Rajasthan only added to their woes, with Rohit Sharma dismissed for a first-ball duck, a symbolic representation of the team’s current struggles.

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