From Rohit to Rishabh: IPL Celebrities Paint the Town in Holi Colors

Various IPL franchises embraced the spirit of Holi with exuberance on Monday, March 25, sharing glimpses of their players reveling in the festival of colors.

Mumbai Indians delighted fans with a video showcasing Rohit Sharma’s joyful participation in Holi festivities. The star player also shared heartwarming pictures of celebrating the occasion with his family on social media platforms.

Meanwhile, Delhi Capitals shared a video capturing captain Rishabh Pant, along with David Warner and other team members, immersed in the vibrant hues of Holi, spreading joy and camaraderie.

Kolkata Knight Riders joined the celebration by posting videos featuring captain Shreyas Iyer, mentor Gautam Gambhir, and other squad members engaging in the colorful revelry of Holi.

The heartening displays of camaraderie and festivity among the IPL teams not only exemplify the bond within the cricketing fraternity but also resonate with fans, adding an extra layer of cheer to the tournament.

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