Fun Time: Chahal and Buttler’s WhatsApp Chat Banter Over IPL 2024 Jersey

Yuzvendra Chahal, known for his competitive spirit on the cricket field, also showcases his humorous side of it. Often seen sharing light-hearted moments with teammates, especially with his Rajasthan Royals counterparts, Chahal recently engaged in a funny exchange with English cricketer Jos Buttler.

In a recent incident, Chahal was spotted working on a canvas, prompting a response from the Rajasthan Royals’ official account about designing the IPL 2024 jersey. Interestingly, Chahal took it a step further, informing Buttler in a screenshot conversation that he was the brains behind the new jersey design.

Responding to Buttler’s inquiry about the jersey, Chahal amusingly stated, “This year’s RR jersey is designed by me.” This playful banter has left fans intrigued, sparking curiosity about the upcoming Rajasthan Royals jersey for IPL 2024 and what Chahal’s creative touch might bring to it.

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