Harbhajan Singh Entertains with Mimicry Skills During Delayed Flight

Former Indian off-spinner Harbhajan Singh left everyone in splits with his impressive mimicry skills. After a delayed flight, the star cricketer entertained his fellow commentary colleagues by impersonating Navjot Singh Sidhu, bringing laughter and joy to the otherwise mundane wait.

Inshorts – What’s the storyline?

Former Indian off-spinner Harbhajan Singh left everyone in splits with his mimicry of Navjot Singh Sidhu during a delayed flight. Dinesh Karthik shared the fun on Instagram on June 14. Sidhu was seen laughing heartily at the impression. Fans love Harbhajan and Sidhu’s commentary chemistry during the 2024 T20 World Cup.

Dinesh Karthik Shares the Fun of Harbhajan Singh

Dinesh Karthik shared a video on his official Instagram handle on Friday, June 14, giving fans a glimpse of the fun. In the clip, Navjot Singh Sidhu can also be seen laughing out loud at Harbhajan’s spot-on mimicry, highlighting the camaraderie among the former cricketers.

Chemistry Between Harbhajan Singh and Sidhu

Harbhajan Singh and Navjot Singh Sidhu, who have teamed up for commentary at the ongoing 2024 T20 World Cup, have become a fan favorite duo. Their chemistry and banter during the broadcasts have received widespread appreciation from viewers, adding an extra layer of entertainment to the tournament.

Fans Appreciate the Lively Commentary Team

Fans have given a big thumbs up to the lively commentary team of Harbhajan and Sidhu. The duo’s humorous exchanges and engaging commentary style have enhanced the viewing experience, proving that their off-field antics are as entertaining as their on-field performances once were.

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