Hardik Pandya Fined Rs 24 Lakh for IPL Code of Conduct Breach

The Mumbai Indians faced yet another setback in their IPL campaign as they suffered a defeat against the Lucknow Super Giants by four wickets on Tuesday night. However, the woes for the team didn’t end with the loss, as their captain, Hardik Pandya, found himself under the spotlight for breaching the IPL Code of Conduct.

Pandya was fined a hefty sum of Rs 24 lakh for his team’s slow-over rate during the match. This isn’t the first time Mumbai Indians have been penalized for such an offense this season. According to a statement from the IPL, it was the second instance of slow over-rate by MI, leading to a significant quantum of punishment.

The statement further highlighted the consequences for Pandya if the offense is repeated, indicating a potential one-match suspension for the captain. This penalty serves as a reminder to all teams to adhere strictly to the IPL’s Code of Conduct to maintain the integrity and pace of the game.

In addition to Pandya, other Mumbai Indians players, including the Impact sub, were also fined for their roles in the slow-over rate. Each member of the Playing XI faced fines of either INR 6 lakh or 25 percent of their respective match fees, whichever amount is lesser.

The fines levied against the team underscore the importance of maintaining discipline and adherence to regulations in professional cricket leagues like the IPL. Mumbai Indians will now have to regroup and address these issues swiftly to bounce back stronger in their upcoming matches.

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