Heartwarming Moments: PBKS Win, Dhawan and Zinta Steal the Show

Punjab Kings’ captain, Shikhar Dhawan, left a lasting impression on fans with a touching gesture after the team’s victory against Delhi Capitals at Mullanpur Stadium near Mohali. Amid cheers from the stands, Dhawan graciously signed autographs for fans, showcasing his appreciation for their support.

Adding to the celebratory atmosphere, team co-owner Preity Zinta delighted fans by distributing jerseys, continuing a cherished tradition. Her presence further elevated the spirits of PBKS supporters.

The Punjab Kings’ official social media handle shared a special video capturing Dhawan’s interaction with fans post-match. In the footage, Dhawan personally autographed a fan’s cap, symbolizing his gratitude towards the supporters. Another video showcased Zinta in a traditional ensemble, adorned with a Phulkari dupatta, exuding her unwavering support for the team.

Zinta’s presence seemed to bring luck to the team, as they commenced their tournament journey with a victorious start. With Dhawan’s heartfelt gesture and Zinta’s infectious enthusiasm, the Punjab Kings’ journey promises to be one filled with memorable moments and unwavering fan support.

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