Watch: How Marcus Stoinis Mastered Dhoni’s Formula to Overpower CSK

In a thrilling encounter at Chepauk on Tuesday (Apr 23), Marcus Stoinis, the all-rounder for Lucknow Super Giants (LSG), showcased an exceptional T20 performance that led his team to victory over Chennai Super Kings (CSK) on their home ground.

Following Stoinis’s remarkable display on the field, LSG’s social media platform shared a video where the Australian cricketer elaborated on the invaluable advice he received from none other than CSK’s skipper, MS Dhoni. Stoinis revealed how Dhoni simplified his approach towards the game, particularly when chasing a target.

Applying Dhoni’s advice with precision, Stoinis played a pivotal role in LSG’s triumph over Dhoni’s team, securing a double victory over the record champions within a week.

“MS Dhoni shared this valuable insight with me. He emphasized that in significant games, the common instinct is to feel the need to do something extraordinary or different. However, his mantra, and how he internally motivates himself, is by staying grounded and composed,” Stoinis explained in the video.

“He maintains his calm amidst the chaos and tells himself that while others may change their approach, he will remain steadfast. This mindset, according to him, keeps him ahead of the game,” Stoinis added.

Stoinis’s performance not only demonstrated his prowess on the field but also highlighted the significance of mental resilience and strategic thinking in cricket. With such a remarkable display, Stoinis has undoubtedly cemented his place as a key player for LSG, contributing significantly to their success in the ongoing tournament.

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