IPL 2024 Buzz: Steve Smith’s Hindi Commentary Breaks the Internet

Australian cricket star Steve Smith has once again left fans surprised, this time not with his batting prowess but with his linguistic skills. As the cricketing world gears up for the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2024 season, Smith has taken on a new role that has captured the attention of cricket enthusiasts worldwide.

In a recent video uploaded to his official Instagram handle, Smith showcased his linguistic abilities by speaking in Hindi, a language not typically associated with the Australian cricketer. What made this even more intriguing was the revelation that it wasn’t Smith’s voice but rather the result of artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

Smith’s foray into speaking Hindi comes as he joins the commentary panel for the upcoming IPL season. The former Australian captain has already begun his analysis, offering insights into the batting techniques of prominent players like Virat Kohli. His ability to communicate in Hindi, albeit with the aid of AI, adds a unique dimension to his commentary and reflects his dedication to engaging with fans from diverse backgrounds.

This unconventional move by Smith has garnered significant attention, with fans applauding his efforts to connect with Indian audiences on a deeper level. It also underscores the global appeal of the IPL, which continues to attract top cricketing talent from around the world.

While Smith’s primary role in the IPL remains that of a player, representing his franchise on the field, his venture into commentary highlights his versatility and willingness to explore new avenues within the sport. As he prepares to showcase his skills in both batting and commentary during the IPL 2024 season, fans eagerly anticipate witnessing this new avatar of the Australian batsman.

Amid speculation about his role in the tournament, former Australia captain Tim Paine has voiced his support for Smith, endorsing his capabilities as an opener despite initial challenges. Paine’s backing further solidifies Smith’s reputation as a versatile and resilient player capable of excelling in various facets of the game.

As the countdown to the IPL 2024 season continues, all eyes will be on Steve Smith as he embarks on this exciting new chapter, wielding both his bat and his commentary skills with equal finesse.

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