IPL Banter: Suniel Shetty, Rohit Sharma, and KL Rahul’s Comic Interaction

In a recent advertisement released by Dream11, one of the official sponsors of the IPL, cricket fans were treated to a delightful trolling session featuring KL Rahul, Rohit Sharma, and Bollywood actor Suniel Shetty. The ad, which sets the stage for the upcoming IPL 2024 season, showcases a playful exchange between the trio, leaving viewers in splits.

The commercial starts with Rahul heading towards a table occupied by Rohit and Shetty. However, Rohit comically rebuffs Rahul, referring to their gathering as a “family dinner” between himself and Shetty, playfully insinuating that Rahul is not included in the equation. Shetty joins in on the banter, humorously declaring that until the conclusion of the IPL, ‘Sharmaji’s beta’ will be considered his son, much to Rahul’s dismay.

The ad cleverly portrays Bollywood actor Suniel Shetty aligning himself with Rohit Sharma, his on-screen son-in-law, while humorously denying any paternal acknowledgment towards KL Rahul. In a lighthearted moment, Shetty even denies Rahul’s attempt to address him as ‘Papa,’ cementing his allegiance to Rohit.

Rohit Sharma adds to the jest by announcing the end of the “family time” and the commencement of their rivalry. With a playful tone, he asserts that Shetty is now part of the Mumbai franchise, signaling the beginning of the competitive spirit between the players.

The advertisement not only serves as a promotional tool for the IPL 2024 season but also encapsulates the camaraderie and humor often seen among players and celebrities associated with the league. With its witty dialogues and entertaining interactions, the ad promises viewers an exciting and enjoyable experience as they gear up for another thrilling season of cricketing action.

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