Watch: Irfan Pathan and Wife’s Fun Rapid-Fire Session with Father-in-Law

In a recent Instagram post that has sparked laughter among fans, Safa Mirza, the wife of former Indian all-rounder Irfan Pathan, showcased her playful side as she engaged in a rapid-fire round alongside her father-in-law. The amusing video shared on her official Instagram handle, offered a delightful glimpse into the Pathan family dynamics, with Irfan himself joining in on the fun.

One of the highlights of the rapid-fire session was the first question posed: “Who makes better tea, Irfan or his wife?” Without missing a beat, Irfan’s father chuckled and playfully declared Irfan as the superior tea maker, much to the amusement of viewers.

But the hilarity didn’t end there. The second question delved into the age-old dilemma of parental love, asking Irfan’s father which of his two sons he loves more. In a heartwarming response, he affectionately affirmed his love for both sons, showcasing the deep bond within the family.

With each question adding to the laughter and camaraderie, Safa Mirza and Irfan Pathan continue to charm fans with their endearing bond and playful banter, making them one of the most beloved couples in the world of cricket.

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