Irfan Pathan’s Cryptic Query: Fit for Practice, Why Avoid Domestic Cricket?

Former India cricketer Irfan Pathan has ignited a flurry of speculation with a cryptic tweet posted on Saturday, February 10. In the tweet, Pathan launched a veiled critique against an undisclosed India player who is presently sidelined from the national team, alleging a lack of commitment towards domestic cricket.

While Pathan refrained from explicitly naming the player in question, his remarks were laced with sharp criticism, prompting fervent discussion among fans and followers on social media platforms.

Many conjectured that the target of Pathan’s criticism could be Ishan Kishan, who currently finds himself out of contention for the Indian squad. Kishan’s absence from the recent South Africa Test series, due to personal reasons, coupled with his prolonged hiatus from domestic cricket activities, fueled speculation regarding his commitment to the sport at the domestic level.

In his tweet, Pathan questioned the rationale behind a player being ostensibly fit for practice sessions yet unwilling to participate in domestic cricket matches, raising doubts about the player’s priorities and dedication to the sport.

“Finding it perplexing how someone can be fit enough to practice but not play domestic cricket. How does this even make sense?” Pathan remarked on Twitter, expressing his bewilderment at the situation.

The absence of the unnamed player from both the National Cricket Academy and the ongoing Ranji Trophy tournament further intensified scrutiny and conjecture surrounding the issue.

As fans and pundits await further clarification or response from the implicated player or relevant authorities, Pathan’s tweet has served to reignite discussions about the significance of domestic cricket in nurturing and maintaining the talent pool for the Indian national team.

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