Must-Watch: KKR’s Gurbaz Pranks Rickshaw Driver, Receives Unexpected Kindness

KKR’s Gurbaz Pranks Rickshaw Driver: Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) wicketkeeper-batter Rahmanullah Gurbaz recently delighted fans with a heartwarming prank he played on a rickshaw driver during his ride through the streets of Kolkata. Taking a break from his training session, Gurbaz opted for a traditional rickshaw ride, capturing the moment on video and sharing it on his Instagram handle.

In the video, the Afghan cricketer can be seen negotiating the fare with the auto driver upon reaching his destination. However, Gurbaz decided to pull a light-hearted prank on the driver, pretending that he had forgotten his wallet and left it back in the office. As he removed his mask, the rickshaw driver recognized him.

Despite Gurbaz’s playful deception, the rickshaw driver, affectionately referred to as ‘Chacha,’ displayed incredible kindness. Believing Gurbaz’s claim of not having money to return home, the driver lent him some money. Touched by the driver’s generosity, Gurbaz embraced him with gratitude.

Gurbaz shared the video on his Instagram with a touching message: “The heart of the poor is the richest. Help others without expecting anything back. Serving others is like paying rent for your place on earth.”

This heartwarming incident not only showcased Gurbaz’s playful spirit but also highlighted the beauty of human kindness and generosity, transcending barriers of fame and occupation.

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