Watch: Kohli and Karn’s Hilarious Dressing Room Moment with Siraj Breaks Internet

Royal Challengers Bengaluru (RCB) have not just been turning heads with their on-field performances but also with the camaraderie and joviality within their dressing room. In a recent incident after their remarkable 47-run victory over Delhi Capitals, Virat Kohli and Karn Sharma were seen adding a touch of humor to the post-match discussions, much to the delight of their teammates.

Mohammed Siraj, the pacer who played a crucial role in RCB’s triumph, was sharing his thoughts on the team’s turnaround in IPL 2024, emphasizing their focus on taking one match at a time. However, it was his light-hearted comment about the roles of fast bowlers and batters that caught the attention of Kohli and Sharma.

As Siraj mentioned, “Fast bowlers have balls in their hands and batters have bats,” Karn Sharma seized the opportunity to tease him about the statement’s ambiguity. With Kohli joining in the banter, the atmosphere in the dressing room was filled with laughter.

Kohli, known for his wit and humor, suggested that Siraj should adopt a simple response of “Mujhe sirf stump dikhra” (I can only see the stumps), adding his quirky accent to the moment. Despite the playful exchange, Siraj reiterated the team’s mantra of focusing on the present and enjoying their brand of cricket.

The banter reflects the relaxed yet competitive spirit within the RCB camp, which has been instrumental in their resurgence in the IPL 2024 season. From a shaky start with just one win in their first seven games, RCB’s remarkable turnaround, including five consecutive victories, has put them back in contention for the playoffs.

With their fate hanging in the balance, RCB remains unfazed, continuing to focus on their game and relishing every moment on the field. As they inch closer to the playoffs, the light-hearted moments in the dressing room serve as a reminder of the camaraderie and team spirit driving their success in IPL 2024.

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