Watch: Legendary Gavaskar Hits the Dance Floor at Viswanath Son’s Wedding at Bengaluru

Gavaskar Hits the Dance Floor: The legendary former Indian cricketer Sunil Gavaskar brought his trademark charm and enthusiasm to the wedding reception of Gundappa Viswanath’s son, Daivik, in Bengaluru. Dressed in traditional attire, Gavaskar was spotted joyously dancing to the upbeat Bollywood number ‘Dhating Naach’, captivating everyone with his infectious energy.

In a heartwarming display of camaraderie, Gavaskar, alongside the newly married couple and their families, showcased his dance prowess, creating memorable moments that resonated throughout the festivities. Viswanath himself joined in the revelry, adding to the celebratory atmosphere with his spirited moves.

The viral clip of Gavaskar’s dance escapade swiftly made rounds on social media, capturing the admiration of fans worldwide. Despite his illustrious career and current role as a commentator in IPL 2024, Gavaskar demonstrated that he is not one to shy away from letting loose and embracing the joyous occasion.

Gavaskar’s presence at the wedding reception added a touch of cricketing royalty to the event, further accentuated by his recent headline-making critique of Virat Kohli’s remarks on criticism surrounding his strike rate in the IPL.

As the celebrations unfolded, Gavaskar’s animated dance performance served as a reminder of his enduring charisma and love for life beyond the cricket pitch, leaving an indelible mark on the cherished moments shared with friends and family.

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