MBA Chaiwala Trolled Again After Posting Picture with Umesh Yadav

Prafull Billore, the entrepreneurial force behind the renowned MBA Chaiwala brand, finds himself once more at the receiving end of online ridicule after a seemingly innocuous social media post. This time, a picture featuring Indian fast bowler Umesh Yadav, who currently represents the Gujarat Titans in the IPL 2024, became the focal point of criticism from netizens.

This incident marks a familiar pattern for Billore, whose association with individuals often coincides with subsequent misfortunes, earning him the dubious reputation of a jinx. Previous encounters have seen him photographed with notable figures such as Baba Ramdev, preceding a decline in Patanjali Foods’ stock value, and his optimistic prediction of India’s victory in the Cricket World Cup 2023 was met with disappointment as the team faltered in the tournament.

In the latest episode, Billore shared the snapshot with Umesh Yadav on twitter, accompanied by a supportive message wishing the cricketer success in the upcoming IPL season. However, instead of receiving well-wishes, the comments section erupted with taunts directed at Billore and expressions of gratitude towards Umesh for his past contributions.

One commentator expressed gratitude to Umesh, stating, “Umesh bhai. Thank you for your service. Have a great life ahead.” Another reminisced about Umesh’s prowess as a bowler, emphasizing his past achievements.

Amidst the barrage of mockery, pleas for Billore to delete the post emerged, with users attributing superstition to the association, as evidenced by a comment urging, “Bhai maaf karde par ye tweet delete kar please … pehle se hi sahi nhi hai kuch bhi aur ye orr.”

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