Mithali Raj’s Mom Graciously Accepts Invitation to Ayodhya’s Spiritual Ceremony

Mithali Raj, the legendary Indian cricketer and former captain of the India women’s national cricket team, recently shared a momentous announcement on her Twitter account. The cricket icon expressed her gratitude for being invited to the Pran Pratishtha Mangal Vidhi at Ayodhya’s Ram Temple, scheduled to take place on the 22nd of January 2024. Mithali’s mother graciously accepted the invitation on her behalf, marking a significant and spiritual event for the celebrated athlete.

In a tweet that resonated with both her sporting and cultural admirers, Mithali Raj conveyed her feelings of being blessed to receive an invitation to the sacred ceremony. The Pran Pratishtha Mangal Vidhi is a religious event associated with the consecration of the deity, a momentous occasion in the Hindu faith. The fact that Mithali’s mother accepted the invitation adds a personal touch to the cricketer’s connection with the spiritual event.

In her tweet, Mithali Raj expressed her gratitude for the invitation, encapsulating the humility and appreciation that have defined her career both on and off the cricket pitch. The cricketer’s acknowledgment of this spiritual honor reflects not only her sporting prowess but also her openness to embracing diverse facets of life.

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