WATCH: Mohammed Siraj Cheers Ronaldo’s Penalty with T20WC’24 Medal

Following the victory of the Indian cricket team in the T20 World Cup 2024, celebrations were abruptly interrupted by the onset of Hurricane Beryl in the Caribbean islands. The team, which had been basking in the glory of their triumph, found themselves confined to their hotel in Barbados due to severe weather conditions.

Amidst the enforced downtime, Indian pacer Mohammed Siraj found a unique way to pass the time—he tuned into the UEFA Euro 2024 match between Portugal and Slovenia. Known for his admiration of the Portuguese football star Cristiano Ronaldo, Siraj was particularly invested in the game, despite it ending in a goalless draw in Frankfurt.

Mohammed Siraj Cheers Ronaldo’s Penalty

Siraj, often seen emulating Ronaldo’s iconic ‘Siuu’ celebration after taking pivotal wickets, didn’t miss the chance to showcase his support during the match. Alongside him was his teammate Suryakumar Yadav, who, in a playful Instagram story, teased Siraj for his enthusiasm. Yadav captioned a photo of Siraj celebrating a penalty in the Euro 2024 match with the words, “Class is PERMANENT”.

The camaraderie and banter between Siraj and Yadav highlighted the close-knit bond within the victorious Indian squad, even amid unexpected circumstances. As they awaited clearer weather to resume their journey back home, the team’s spirits remained high, buoyed by their recent triumph and the shared moments of light-heartedness during their extended stay in the Caribbean.

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