Watch: MS Dhoni Spotted Riding Vintage Bike in Ranchi Post-IPL Exit

In a heartwarming scene, Super Kings star MS Dhoni was seen riding his vintage Yamaha RD 350 on the streets of Ranchi, a day after returning to his hometown. This ride seemed to be a way for Dhoni to take his mind off the heartbreaking defeat Chennai Super Kings faced in their last IPL 2024 league game against Bangalore on Saturday, May 18.

A fan captured a video of the former India captain, known for his calm demeanor and passion for motorcycles, riding through Ranchi and eventually entering his residence. The video quickly went viral, showcasing Dhoni’s relaxed side amidst the intense cricket season.

Dhoni, along with his family, had returned to Ranchi from Bengaluru on Sunday, May 19. They were spotted at the Bengaluru airport early in the morning, and later, Dhoni was seen leaving Ranchi airport in an SUV. Enthusiastic fans gathered around, trying to catch a glimpse of the cricket legend and snapping selfies from outside his car.

MS Dhoni’s wife, Sakshi Singh Rawat, shared Instagram stories of their journey back home, providing a peek into their family life. The stories featured moments of their return and highlighted the warm welcome they received.

Dhoni’s affinity for bikes is well-known. Over the years, he has been seen enjoying rides on the highways around Ranchi. His extensive collection of bikes and cars, which includes several vintage and luxury models, is a testament to his passion for automobiles. The Yamaha RD 350, a classic in his collection, holds a special place and is often his choice for a casual ride.

This recent sighting of Dhoni on his vintage bike adds to the numerous instances where he has been spotted indulging in his love for two-wheelers, offering fans a glimpse of his life beyond the cricket field.

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