Nari Shakti Shines: Anurag Thakur Salutes Hockey Team’s Silver Win

In a momentous declaration, India’s Minister of Information and Broadcasting and Sports, Anurag Thakur, extends heartfelt congratulations to the Women’s Hockey Team for their stellar performance at the inaugural FIH Hockey5s World Cup, securing a prestigious SILVER. The team’s back-to-back remarkable games, amassing a total of 38 goals, showcase their exceptional talent, unwavering teamwork, and unparalleled dedication.

A special accolade is reserved for Deepika, recognized as the Best Junior Player, adding an extra layer of achievement to the team’s triumph. The nation swells with pride, celebrating the remarkable accomplishments of its #NariShakti.

In the spirit of the iconic sports anthem, “Chak De India,” the entire country echoes with commendation for the Women’s Hockey Team, underscoring their indomitable spirit and prowess on the global stage.

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