Watch: Nita Ambani’s Joy as MI Won in IPL 2024 Breaks Internet

Nita Ambani’s Joy as MI Won: Mumbai Indians owner, Nita Ambani, couldn’t contain her joy as her team secured their first win of the IPL 2024 season, a much-needed relief after a slow start. The victory came as Mumbai Indians triumphed over the Delhi Capitals in their fourth match of the season, held at the Wankhede Stadium on Sunday.

Accompanied by her son Akash, Nita Ambani celebrated the win in style, a moment captured in a viral clip that has been circulating online. In the footage, Nita can be seen gesturing something with her fingers, although the exact meaning remains unconfirmed.

The elation of the win was palpable as Nita Ambani shared a heartwarming anecdote during the sidelines of the match. “A few years back, I sat with a young girl enjoying a cake, yet she left it unfinished. Curious, I inquired why, to which she responded, ‘I have a younger brother at home who’s never had the pleasure of tasting cake. I’m saving this slice for him,’ ” Nita recalled.

In a gesture of her generosity, Nita Ambani hosted over 18,000 children at the stadium during the match, showcasing her commitment to fostering a love for cricket among the younger generation.

With the Mumbai Indians’ victory and Nita Ambani’s heartfelt celebrations, fans are eagerly anticipating more memorable moments as the IPL 2024 season progresses.

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