Laugh Out Loud: Prithvi Shaw’s Hilarious Lagaan Banter During DC’s Practice Session

Prithvi Shaw’s Hilarious Lagaan Banter: During a recent practice session for Delhi Capitals (DC) ahead of their match against Gujarat Titans (GT) at the Arun Jaitley Stadium, Prithvi Shaw injected a dose of laughter with a witty reference to the iconic Bollywood movie “Lagaan.”

In a special video shared by the DC franchise on social media, players were seen engaging in a spirited football match, with Indian players pitted against their overseas counterparts. Among the players, Shaw stood out not just for his skills on the field but also for his comedic timing.

As the Indian players found themselves trailing against the foreign stars, Shaw while lying on the ground and missing out on goals, humorously dubbed his teammates as “Mere Lagaan ke bhaiyon.” This playful reference draws from the narrative of “Lagaan,” where Indian villagers unite to defeat the British in a high-stakes cricket match during the colonial era.

Shaw’s light-hearted quip not only lightened the mood in the DC camp but also showcased his ability to infuse fun into the intense training sessions. His teammates couldn’t contain their laughter as Shaw cleverly intertwined a classic Bollywood moment with the competitive spirit of sports.

With Shaw’s infectious humor adding a refreshing twist to the practice session, the DC squad appears to be in high spirits as they gear up for their upcoming clash against GT. As fans eagerly await the match, Shaw’s amusing reference serves as a reminder that sports, beyond the fierce competition, also offer moments of camaraderie and laughter.

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