Priyanka Chopra’s Hilarious Birthday Wish for John Cena Goes Viral

Priyanka Chopra’s Hilarious Birthday Wish for John Cena: Fresh off her family trip to India, Priyanka Chopra has dived headfirst into filming her upcoming movie, “Heads of State.” Offering fans a sneak peek into her time in Nice, France, where the action comedy is being shot, Chopra recently shared snippets of her adventures.

As co-star John Cena celebrated his 47th birthday, Chopra couldn’t resist joining the festivities in her unique way. Taking to Instagram on April 23, she shared Cena’s post—a series of bear images devoid of any context—and quirkily captioned it, “Happy birthday @johncena No explanation required.”

Cena is known for his enigmatic Instagram posts, often leaving followers puzzled with his cryptic uploads. Chopra’s playful birthday wish perfectly captured Cena’s signature style, eliciting laughter and earning praise from fans across social media platforms.

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