Must-Watch: Ravi Shastri’s Latest Social Media Post Breaks the Internet

Ravi Shastri’s Latest Social Media Post: Ravi Shastri, the well-known cricket personality known for his flamboyant lifestyle, has once again stirred up a storm on social media. This time, it’s with a cryptic post that has left his fans scratching their heads.

Currently gracing the commentary box for the Indian Premier League 2024, Shastri, now 62, decided to drop a bombshell on X, a popular social media platform. He wrote, “I am hottie, I am naughty, I am sixtyyyy .”

As soon as the post went live, fans flooded the comments section with mixed reactions. One admirer wrote, “Handsome back then, more handsome even now stay like this always sir may ganpati bappa bless u always.” Another user added, “He’s aging like the finest wine he has ever tasted.”

The post sparked a flurry of amusing remarks and reactions. “This is some way to start the day Seeing a Ravi Shastri post on his hotness,” one user shared. Meanwhile, another curious soul questioned, “Is this from Ex cricketer’s account or the Actor’s?”

It’s evident that Shastri’s charm continues to captivate his fans, whether he’s on the cricket field or making waves on social media with his witty one-liners.

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