Watch: Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium Rain Forces Fans Under Polythene Cover

Cricket enthusiasts who had eagerly gathered at the Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium on April 18 for Pakistan vs New Zealand 1st T20I were met with a disappointing sight as heavy rain lashed the ground, delaying the match’s start. Just as play was set to resume, a downpour began, leaving fans scrambling for cover.

With no roof to shield them from the elements, spectators resorted to makeshift solutions, using polythene and plastic bags to shield themselves from the rain. Despite their efforts, many endured an uncomfortable wait as the inclement weather persisted.

The scene underscored the challenges faced by fans when weather disrupts sporting events, highlighting the need for adequate infrastructure to ensure a seamless experience for spectators, even in adverse conditions.

As the rain continued to batter the cricket ground, officials were forced to postpone the match, leaving both teams and fans disappointed. However, amidst the inconvenience, the resilience and dedication of cricket fans stood out as they braved the conditions in their unwavering support for the game.

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