Rohit Sharma Changes Profile Picture on X After India’s T20 WC Triumph

Days after winning the ICC T20 World Cup 2024 in the Caribbean, Indian skipper Rohit Sharma changed his profile picture on X, formerly known as Twitter. On Monday, he shared a memorable photo from India’s World Cup victory with his fans and followers. Nicknamed Hitman, the veteran opener announced this special photo as his new profile picture on X.

A New Profile Picture for a New Chapter

Rohit Sharma’s new profile picture features a moment of sheer triumph, capturing the essence of India’s victorious campaign in the T20 World Cup. This change is not just a celebration of the win but also a tribute to the collective effort of the team. By sharing this moment with his fans, Rohit has once again connected deeply with his massive following on social media.

Losing the Verification Badge

However, this change had an unexpected consequence. Rohit lost his verification badge on X. When Twitter Blue was relaunched in 2022, it stated that subscribers who changed their handle, display name, or profile photo would temporarily lose their blue checkmark until their account was reviewed again. Rohit’s account will be verified again once X reviews it.

Retirement Announcement

Following India’s triumph, Rohit Sharma confirmed his retirement from T20I cricket. The final against South Africa, where India emerged victorious by seven runs, was a fitting end to his illustrious career in the shortest format. Alongside Rohit, former skipper Virat Kohli also bid farewell to T20I cricket, marking the end of an era for Indian cricket.

A Legacy of Excellence

Rohit Sharma’s contribution to Indian cricket, especially in the T20 format, is unparalleled. Known for his explosive batting and strategic acumen, he has played a pivotal role in shaping India’s T20I fortunes. His retirement, along with Kohli’s, signals a significant shift in the Indian cricket landscape.


Rohit Sharma’s decision to change his profile picture on X symbolizes a new chapter in his life and career. While it led to a temporary loss of his verification badge, it highlighted the importance of the moment he chose to share. As he steps away from T20I cricket, his legacy remains intact, celebrated by millions of fans worldwide. The cricketing world will remember Rohit Sharma not just for his records and achievements but for the indelible mark he has left on the sport.

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