Rohit Sharma Honors Rahul Dravid with Touching Instagram Post

India’s T20 World Cup-winning captain Rohit Sharma took to Instagram on Tuesday to express his profound admiration and gratitude towards Rahul Dravid, following Dravid’s departure from the role of Team India’s head coach.

In an emotional and heartfelt post, Sharma reminisced about his childhood admiration for Dravid and the incredible privilege of working closely with him. He credited Dravid’s humility and unwavering love for cricket, emphasizing how Dravid seamlessly transitioned from a cricketing legend to a mentor and coach whom players could confide in. Sharma affectionately referred to Dravid as his “work wife,” highlighting the camaraderie and trust they shared.

Rohit Sharma Thanks Rahul Dravid for Mentorship and Friendship

“Dear Rahul bhai,” Sharma began, “I’ve been trying to find the right words to express my feelings, but I’m not sure I ever will. Here’s my attempt.”

Sharma’s post continued to reveal his deep respect and admiration for Dravid. “Since I was a child, I looked up to you like so many others, but I was lucky to work closely with you. You are a legend in this game, but you left your accolades behind and came in as our coach, making us feel comfortable enough to talk to you about anything. Your humility and love for the game are your gifts. I have learned so much from you and will cherish every memory. My wife calls you my work wife, and I’m lucky to call you that too.”

The Instagram post was more than just a tribute; it was a reflection of the significant impact Dravid had on Sharma’s career and the entire Indian cricket team. Sharma praised Dravid’s coaching stint, noting that their collaboration achieved a significant milestone – the T20 World Cup 2024 victory for India. Sharma expressed profound appreciation for Dravid’s mentorship, friendship, and contributions to Indian cricket, sentiments shared widely by fans and colleagues alike.

Rohit Sharma, who announced his retirement from T20Is along with Virat Kohli following India’s win over South Africa in the T20 WC final in Barbados on June 29, used this opportunity to publicly acknowledge Dravid’s invaluable role in shaping the team’s success.

Dravid, often referred to as “The Wall” for his solid batting technique and dependable nature, brought the same steadiness to his coaching. Under his guidance, the Indian team flourished, blending the experience of seasoned players with the exuberance of young talent. Dravid’s ability to create a nurturing and open environment allowed players to thrive, leading to the memorable T20 World Cup triumph.

Sharma’s post not only paid tribute to Dravid’s professional contributions but also shed light on the personal bond they shared. The term “work wife” symbolized the close and trusting relationship between the captain and coach, underscoring the collaborative spirit that drove the team’s success.

As Dravid steps down from his coaching role, the legacy he leaves behind is one of inspiration, dedication, and humility. Sharma’s tribute encapsulates the sentiments of an entire cricketing nation that holds Dravid in the highest esteem. The outpouring of love and respect on social media further attests to Dravid’s enduring influence on Indian cricket.

Rohit Sharma’s heartfelt message serves as a reminder of the profound impact mentors can have on their protégés, and it celebrates the journey of two cricketing icons who have contributed immensely to India’s rich cricketing heritage.

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