Rohit Sharma Poses with NBA Trophy Ahead of T20 World Cup Campaign

Rohit Sharma Poses with NBA Trophy: As India gears up for their T20 World Cup campaign, Men in Blue captain Rohit Sharma added a unique moment to his preparations by posing with the NBA trophy at the Nassau County International Stadium. On Friday, Sharma not only took the opportunity to engage with the prestigious Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy but also shared his passion for basketball.

In a video posted by the NBA on Instagram, Rohit displayed his humorous side by interacting with the trophy in Punjabi. “Oh Larry paaji, kya haal chaal. (Oh Larry sir, how are you?),” he quipped, addressing the trophy as if it were a lively entity. The video captured Rohit’s light-hearted spirit, setting a cheerful tone as he embarks on the World Cup journey.

The 37-year-old cricketer revealed his admiration for basketball legend Michael Jordan, selecting the Chicago Bulls star as his all-time favorite player. “My favorite has always been Michael Jordan, for what he did for Chicago Bulls is quite inspiring,” Rohit said. His appreciation for Jordan underscores the global influence of the basketball icon, whose impact transcends sports.

Rohit also expressed his enjoyment of watching current NBA superstars like LeBron James and Stephen Curry. He acknowledged their exceptional talent and competitiveness, highlighting his deep appreciation for the sport. Additionally, he humorously remarked on the weight of the Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy, demonstrating his playful demeanor.

This interaction with the NBA trophy and his candid remarks about basketball reflects Rohit Sharma’s versatile interests and relaxed attitude as he leads India into the T20 World Cup. His enthusiasm for basketball provides a refreshing glimpse into the personality of the cricket captain, combining sportsmanship with a touch of humor.

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