Viral Video: Rohit Sharma’s Adorable Reaction to Fangirl’s Cheers

The Mumbai Indians cricket team received a warm welcome upon their arrival in Delhi ahead of their clash against the Capitals. However, it was not the star-studded lineup that stole the show, but rather a passionate fan of Rohit Sharma.

As the MI team made their way to their hotel, one enthusiastic Rohit fan captured everyone’s attention by incessantly chanting his name, “Rohit-Rohit.” Her spirited cheering prompted Rohit himself to turn around and acknowledge her presence, much to the delight of the crowd.

Witnessing Rohit’s reaction, the surrounding fans joined in, amplifying the cheer even further. With a smile on his face, Rohit acknowledged the crowd before continuing on his way.

The heartwarming moment quickly became a talking point on social media, with fans praising Rohit Sharma’s humility and the infectious energy of his dedicated supporter.

As the excitement builds up for the impending match, this spontaneous interaction serves as a reminder of the profound bond between cricketers and their passionate fans.

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