Watch: Ahead of Clash Rohit Sharma’s Garden Banter with Tilak Varma Goes Viral

In the bustling cricketing hub of Kolkata, the Eden Gardens witnessed not just the usual pre-match buzz, but also a delightful exchange between Mumbai Indians’ skipper Rohit Sharma and his teammate Tilak Varma. The jovial banter, captured in a video posted by MI on Instagram, added a touch of humor to the intense atmosphere ahead of their IPL 2024 clash with the Kolkata Knight Riders on Saturday, May 11th.

The camaraderie between Rohit Sharma and the young talent Tilak Varma came to the fore as they shared a light-hearted moment on the iconic Eden Gardens turf. The backdrop to their banter was reminiscent of the recent viral stump mic comments made by Rohit during the India-England Test series, particularly his famous remark, ‘koi garden mein nahi ghumega’ (no one will act like they are roaming in a garden).

In the video, Tilak Varma is casually browsing his phone, sporting slippers, when Rohit Sharma playfully interjects, “Aye Hero. Kya kar raha hai bhai? Chappal mein ghum raha hai. Kya garden mein aaya hai kya?” (Oh hero, what are you doing? Roaming around in slippers. Is this a garden?)”

Tilak, with quick wit, points to the stadium’s name, responding, “Hai na bhaiya, Eden Gardens (Yes brother, Eden Gardens),” cleverly alluding to the word ‘gardens’ in the stadium’s name.

As the banter unfolded, Rohit Sharma, renowned for his infectious laughter and playful demeanor, couldn’t hold back his amusement and burst into laughter, concluding the exchange on a jovial note.

This lighthearted interaction not only showcases the bond between teammates but also highlights Rohit Sharma’s affable personality and Tilak Varma’s ability to hold his own in the company of seasoned players. Such moments add a refreshing dimension to the intense world of professional cricket, reminding fans that beyond the boundaries and scorecards, there’s also room for camaraderie and laughter.

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