Rohit Sharma’s Journey: 33 Centuries After 30 in International Cricket

Rohit Sharma, the elegant Indian cricketer known for his impeccable timing and effortless stroke play, has etched his name in the annals of cricket history with a remarkable feat. Crossing the age of 30 has seemingly ignited a new spark in Sharma’s career, as he has gone on to score an impressive tally of 33 centuries in international cricket.

Sharma’s journey after turning 30 has been nothing short of extraordinary. From the hustle and bustle of limited-overs cricket to the patience-demanding Test matches, he has displayed unparalleled consistency across formats. His ability to adapt to different conditions and formats has made him a linchpin of the Indian batting lineup.

In the limited-overs arena, Rohit Sharma has been a maestro. His ODI and T20I records post the age of 30 are a testament to his prowess. The artistry with which he constructs his innings, coupled with the ability to accelerate when needed, makes him a nightmare for bowlers. The countless memorable knocks in white-ball cricket have solidified Sharma’s status as one of the modern-day greats.

Not just limited to shorter formats, Rohit Sharma has also left an indelible mark in Test cricket. Despite facing initial challenges in adapting to the demands of red-ball cricket as an opener, he has successfully silenced critics with stellar performances. His technique, once questioned, is now hailed as one of the best, and the 30-plus phase of his career has been a second wind for his Test aspirations.

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