“Mumbai cha raja, Rohit Sharma”: Sam Curran Lookalike Cheers for Rohit Sharma

A video of a cricket enthusiast chanting “Mumbai cha raja, Rohit Sharma” during the Punjab Kings vs. Mumbai Indians match has taken the internet by storm. What caught people off guard was the striking resemblance of the Australian fan chanting the phrase to English cricketer Sam Curran.

The footage, shared by blogger and cricket aficionado Jake Jeakings, features him passionately chanting at the Mullanpur Stadium, with the crowd echoing “Rohit Sharma” in response. The video posted just a day ago, quickly garnered attention, prompting viewers to wonder about the uncanny resemblance between the fan and Sam Curran.

As Mumbai Indians triumphed over Punjab Kings by 9 runs, the memorable moment of fan fervor added an extra spark to the match, leaving cricket enthusiasts amused and intrigued by the global reach of Rohit Sharma’s fandom.

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