Shreyas Iyer Imitates Sunil Narine’s Bowling Action Ahead of IPL 2024 Final

Shreyas Iyer Imitates Sunil Narine’s Bowling Action: Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) captain Shreyas Iyer has added a playful twist to the team’s preparation for the IPL 2024 final against SunRisers Hyderabad (SRH) at Chepauk on Sunday. In a recent video posted on KKR’s official X (formerly Twitter) handle, Iyer was seen copying the distinctive bowling action of West Indies star Sunil Narine, providing a light-hearted moment amid the intense build-up to the final.

In the video, Shreyas Iyer skillfully mimicked Narine’s unique bowling style, hiding the ball in his right hand behind his body and generating momentum from his braced left arm, a signature move of Narine. The video cleverly showcased a split-screen comparison of Iyer and Narine’s bowling, highlighting the accuracy with which Iyer replicated the West Indian’s action.

The clip quickly garnered attention from fans and cricket enthusiasts, who appreciated Iyer’s playful tribute to his teammate. The mimicry not only showcased Iyer’s attention to detail but also reflected the camaraderie within the KKR squad as they gear up for the crucial final match.

This entertaining moment has added to the excitement surrounding the IPL 2024 final, as KKR aims to clinch the title against a formidable SRH side. Fans eagerly await the showdown, hopeful that the team’s positive spirit and unity, as demonstrated by Iyer’s imitation, will translate into a stellar performance on the field.

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