Heartfelt Moment: Shreyas Iyer’s Instagram Post with Rishabh Pant

Kolkata Knight Riders’ skipper Shreyas Iyer and Delhi Capitals’ captain Rishabh Pant showcased a heartwarming exchange of camaraderie before their teams squared off in what turned out to be an exhilarating match for cricket enthusiasts.

The clash between KKR and DC took place at Visakhapatnam on Wednesday, culminating in a resounding victory for the visitors by 106 runs. As KKR secured their third consecutive win, Iyer took to Instagram to share a snapshot with Pant, praising the latter for his remarkable performance in his comeback season after injury. “Great to see you on the field bro! Inspirational,” Iyer captioned the post.

The image captures a genuine moment of friendship between the two Indian cricketers, underscoring the bond that transcends the competitive spirit of the game.

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