Shubman Gill Fined Rs 24 Lakh for Slow Over-Rate Offence in IPL 2024 Clash

Shubman Gill Fined Rs 24 Lakh: In a high-stakes encounter against CSK in the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2024 on May 10, GT captain Shubman Gill found himself at the receiving end of a hefty fine amounting to Rs 24 lakh. This penalty was imposed by the Board of Cricket Council (BCCI) due to his team’s repeated offence of maintaining a slow over-rate for the second time this season.

The BCCI released a statement confirming the punishment, indicating that Shubman Gill will be docked 25 per cent of his match fees for disobeying one of the newly implemented and highly significant codes of conduct. Notably, this wasn’t an isolated incident, as GT had previously faced a similar issue in their encounter against CSK earlier in the season, which resulted in Shubman Gill being fined Rs 12 lakh.

By both BCCI and IPL regulations, any franchise captain whose side is found guilty of maintaining a slow over-rate in three matches within a season faces a one-match ban. With this being GT’s second offence, they are now treading on thin ice in terms of disciplinary actions from the league authorities.

The BCCI/IPL release noted that as GT committed their second slow over-rate offence of the season, Shubman Gill faced a Rs 24 lakh fine, while other Playing XI members, including the Impact Player, incurred fines of either Rs 6 lakh or 25% of their match fees, whichever was lower.

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