Watch: Shubman Gill’s Answer to Ed Sheeran’s Girlfriend Question Goes Viral

Shubman Gill’s Answer to Ed Sheeran’s Girlfriend Question: A recent video clip circulating widely online captured a delightful exchange between singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran and esteemed cricketer Shubman Gill. The banter began when Sheeran mentioned his plans to visit Bollywood icon Shah Rukh Khan’s residence, prompting Gill to humorously question why he wasn’t retained by Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) during the IPL auction.

Gill, known for his cricketing prowess and recent ascension to captaincy with the Gujarat Titans, infused the conversation with wit. The interaction, captured on camera, showcased a light-hearted rapport as Sheeran quizzed Gill about his romantic life, to which Gill responded with a casual “No,” prompting Sheeran to joke that Gill was “on the market.”

While the exchange was jovial, it highlighted Gill’s multifaceted identity as both a talented cricketer and a public figure. Despite his on-field achievements, Gill’s charismatic off-field persona often garners attention, exemplified by his stellar performance in a recent IPL match for the Gujarat Titans.

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