SRH Owner Kavya Maran Delivers Emotional Speech After IPL Final Loss

After suffering a devastating defeat in the 2024 IPL final to Kolkata Knight Riders, Sunrisers Hyderabad’s owner, Kavya Maran, delivered an emotional message to her players in the dressing room.

In what turned out to be a one-sided affair at Cheapauk, Sunrisers Hyderabad faced a crushing 8-wicket defeat at the hands of Kolkata Knight Riders. The final saw Sunrisers displaying a lackluster batting performance, getting bundled out for the lowest-ever IPL final score. Venkatesh Iyer emerged as the hero for Kolkata, guiding his team to victory with an unbeaten half-century.

Following the defeat, Kavya Maran, who had been a constant presence at all of Sunrisers’ matches throughout the season, went into the dressing room to address her players. Despite the heartbreaking loss, Maran’s words were a source of inspiration for the team.

“You guys have made us proud,” Maran’s voice echoed through the somber dressing room. “I had to come here and tell you that. We’ve revolutionized our approach to T20 cricket, and our performance is the talk of the town. The off day had to happen, but it was just unfortunate that it occurred today. Despite the result, all of you played well with both bat and ball.”

Indeed, Kolkata Knight Riders dominated the match, restricting Sunrisers Hyderabad to a mere 113 runs. In response, Kolkata chased down the target in just 10.3 overs, showcasing a dominant performance.

The defeat proved to be too much for Maran to bear as tears welled up in her eyes. Despite initially applauding the team’s efforts, she eventually broke down, overwhelmed by the disappointment of the loss. Despite the consoling efforts from those around her, Maran remained visibly shaken by the defeat.

While the loss in the IPL final may sting, Kavya Maran’s emotional speech undoubtedly served to uplift the spirits of the Sunrisers Hyderabad team. As they reflect on the season, Maran’s words will likely resonate with the players, serving as a reminder of their accomplishments and the pride they have brought to their franchise.

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