Watch: Sunrisers’ Pat Cummins Shakes Leg to Bollywood Hit ‘Laal Peeli Akhiyaan’

Sunrisers Hyderabad captain Pat Cummins has been making waves on social media after a viral video surfaced showing him grooving to the beats of a popular Bollywood track. In the clip, Cummins can be seen rehearsing dance steps to the tunes of the hit song ‘Laal Peeli Akhiyan’ from the movie ‘Teri Baaton Mein Aisa Uljha Diya’, starring Shahid Kapoor and Kriti Sanon.

The Australian cricket star, known for his prowess on the field, showcased his dance moves in what appeared to be a dance studio, accompanied by a couple of other dancers trying to keep up with his energy. This isn’t the first time Cummins has displayed his affinity for Indian culture; earlier in the IPL 2024 season, he thrilled fans by effortlessly acing the Pushpa hook-step and even speaking Telugu.

Cummins’ love for Bollywood seems to be growing, as he follows in the footsteps of his teammate David Warner, who was previously known for his reels on Bollywood and South Indian movie songs. The video of Cummins dancing to ‘Laal Peeli Akhiyan’ quickly spread across social media platforms, delighting fans who were thrilled to see the cricketing star in a new, fun avatar.

Beyond his dance moves, Cummins has been enjoying his time in India, recently treating his family to a traditional Hyderabadi biryani feast. With his infectious energy and enthusiasm for Indian culture, Cummins has endeared himself to fans both on and off the cricket pitch, further solidifying his place as a beloved figure in the world of cricket.

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