Suresh Raina Hails Rajasthan Police and Singham Vikas Kumar in Heartfelt Tweet

Suresh Raina Hails Rajasthan Police: Indian former international cricketer Suresh Raina took to Twitter recently to express his admiration for Rajasthan Police and their dynamic Inspector General, Vikas Kumar, known as the Singham of Rajasthan. Raina recounted his enriching experience during a visit to Jodhpur, where he had the privilege of meeting with Singham Vikas Kumar and his dedicated team.

In his tweet, Raina shared, “Today, while returning to Delhi from Jaisalmer, I had the good fortune of accepting Jodhpur’s wonderful request. I had a wonderful meeting with Jodhpur’s Inspector General of Police, Rajasthan’s Singham Vikas Kumar, along with his team.” He went on to highlight the warmth and professionalism exhibited by Singham Vikas Kumar, describing him as both a proficient law enforcer and a friendly individual.

During his visit, Raina was deeply impressed by the commitment and enthusiasm of Singham Vikas Kumar’s team. He was introduced to every member, including the brave soldiers of the cyber team Cycloner and the commando team Tormado. Raina was given a glimpse into their war room and lab, where he gained insight into the intricate workings of crime prevention and investigation.

Raina’s admiration for the Rajasthan Police extended to their unwavering dedication to ensuring the safety and security of society. He emphasized the sacrifices made by police personnel, who often sacrifice their sleep to uphold peace and chase criminals relentlessly. Raina drew parallels between the determination of cricket players on the field and the bravery of police officers in combating crime, noting that both aim to hit ‘sixes,’ albeit in different arenas.

In conclusion, Raina extended his best wishes to the Rajasthan Police and Singham Vikas Kumar, applauding their zeal and passion for uprooting crime and serving the community. His heartfelt tweet serves as a tribute to the unsung heroes who work tirelessly to safeguard society’s well-being.

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